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I've discovered a new love

Hi everybody, obviously I am a lover of houseplants and all their glory but I've recently discovered I also really enjoy taking photographs of plants ,flowers and trees.  I have a ton to learn about all the technical aspects of photography and I'm looking forward to learning more.   

It's really important that we find things in this crazy life that truly bring us peace and joy and I have found that in both Happy Roots Houseplants and taking nice long walks and photographing whatever is in my path that catches my eye.  It was a beautiful day today and I spent the majority of it strolling around my yard taking pictures of things at different angles and different lighting and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.  We all start somewhere, right?

Bluish purple hydrangeaHibiscusUmbrella tree spotted with raindropsI have always loved early morning dewBeautiful philodendron BrasilPilea PeperomiodeOne of my favourites, my MonsteraPelia peperomioideNasturtiumAnother shot of a beautiful hydrangea.My beautiful coleus I recently moved indoors for the winter.Nasturtium stole the show today.Beautiful purple AsterI'm a sucker for succulentsLooks like cotton candy to me.  Hydrangea.Gorgeous changing colours of hydrangea in September